Welcome to the OKES!

What is OKES?

It’s slang used in South Africa for the word “boys” or “lads”.

What are we about?

We are a good bunch of OKES who love sports and get behind all those who are doing our country proud, we love our country South Africa. Our motto is to “Be Lekker “ which means “Be Nice” or simply “have a great time” doing what we love to do.

Founded by SA cyclist Daryl Impey, OKES started off with cycling apparel and cool casquettes (cycling caps) and now has expanded the range to T-shirts, hats and wristbands and we smaak seeing our friends repping our logos and spreading “lekkerness”.

We want to create a community where we can pass our positive vibes onto others and connect with our South African friends both in South Africa and abroad.

Daryl, having lived abroad for many years, has always loved connecting with fellow South Africans and this is now a fun way to connect with each other by visibly seeing our OKES and BE LEKKER logos.